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Pastor Mattie Montgomery is a church-planter, musician, author, and teacher who first stepped onto the stage of international ministry during his 10-year stint as the vocalist of renowned Spirit-filled hardcore band “For Today.” 

In the years that followed, Mattie preached the Gospel to millions of people all around the world; and worked to provide training in evangelism and leadership for countless churches, organizations, and individuals. 

Now serving as the Senior Leader of The Altar Fellowship in Johnson City, TN, Mattie and his team work tirelessly to steward a dynamic and explosive community of people - many of whom have relocated from all over the country and beyond to connect with this movement - and also to strategically implement God’s vision for the advancement of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth. Mattie lives in East Tennessee with his wife Candice, and their three young sons Kai, Caleb, and Carver.



Mattie Montgomery is a dynamic leader, pastor, and author. He has written multiple books, including the acclaimed "Scary God" and "Lovely Things in Ugly Places", and is dedicated to helping others discover the power of Yahweh's love and message of the Kingdom.

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Join us online to listen and watch Mattie Montgomery's inspiring sermons and videos. 

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“Mattie Montgomery carries a 

message to awaken the hearts of a generation. He is a passionate revivalist and one of the leading voices God is raising up in the Church to call the saints to awakening and the lost to Christ. He has partnered with Dunamis in bringing in the harvest across the nations and it has

been always an honor to serve the Kingdom alongside such an excellent person like Mattie!” 

Teofilo Hiyashi

Dunamis Movement,

São Paulo Brazil 

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“Not only was Mattie Montgomery the singer for the amazing band For Today that has performed before hundreds of thousands of people for years without compromising his Christian values, he also carried the heart of Jesus off the stage amongst the crowd, many not saved. I have personally witnessed him love people and bring people to Jesus. His life is a witness like the gospel says we all should be. He’s been a brother and a friend for years!” 

Todd White


Lifestyle Christianity, TX


“If you want it weak, don’t call Mattie. If you want same-ol’- 

same-ol’, don’t call Mattie. But if you care about passionate, 

transformational, Christ-centered, gospel-filled teaching which will set the course for the people in your ministry, then call Mattie. Mattie Montgomery is the Spirit-directed voice of this generation.” 

Dr. Mark Eckel


The Comenius Institute, IN 

“Mattie is one of the most Spirit- filled men I have ever met in my entire life. He doesn’t just teach you and tell you about the Gospel, 

he shows you every single day. I haven’t just learned about Yahweh’s presence from Mattie; I have learned to experience His presence and hear His voice every single day by seeking Yahweh’s face.” 

Derek Carr

NFL Quarterback,

New Orleans, LA


Established in Johnson City, Tennessee by world-renowned evangelist Mattie Montgomery and his wife Candice, The Altar Fellowship exists to succeed in family and to thrive in worship for the glory of God and the healing of the nations



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